The Southern Belle

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Wayne Klein

Churn Creek Loft

Southern Belle Race – Milton FL
Station: Milton Florida – A Race

Distance: 328 Miles

Release: 04-Nov-2015 07:15

Weather Release: Partly Cloudy    Arrival: Partly Cloudy

Wind at Release: N 2     Wind at Arrival: ESE 7

Temp at Release: 64°    Temp at Arrival: 86°

Lofts: 74

Birds: 166

Clocked: 3

Warming up last 100 Miles
Drops Pos Breeder Pigeon Name Color Sex Ent Arrival Speed To Win Eligible Avg P100 P300
1 Churn Creek Loft 9216-AU15-SRP BB H 1 2015-11-05 09:34:40.00 677.824 00:00:00 Yes
2 Crestview Loft 25357-AU15-ARPU BB H 1 2015-11-05 09:55:46.00 661.437 00:21:05 Yes
3 Kwan Loft 0429-AU15-KWAN GRIZ H 1 2015-11-05 10:05:40.00 654.018 00:31:00 Yes

Southern Belle Race

November 18th 2014. The final Southern Belle race is now history. It was a tough race with the best birds coming in in the top ten places. My 3311 had a great series of races and proves to me that my loft CAN BE COMPETITIVE against some very good breeders. This bird is definitely a “keeper” and goes into my breeding program for 2015. I am entered in the High Desert Yearling Classic with two other local flyers listed under overthehillgang which will be fun to watch.

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Wayne Klein – Churn Creek Loft