Good friend and fellow flyer Dan Welch passed away on the morning of Jan 25th. Not only did we lose an excellent pigeon flyer, we lost one of the best one-loft races in this country. The SHASTA CLASSIC was owned and operated by Dan and wife Linda for the last nine years and most of the top one-loft flyers in the country flew birds with Dan. He and the Classic will be missed.

My first hatch has received shots, been fledged and awaiting delivery to various selected one-loft races after the final grading. I have added four more lofts this year. My two primary lofts are now the Sierra Classic and the Southern Belle which I have no problem recommending. If you had perches with the Shasta Classic, you might want to do a little research on the Hoosier Classic, which was one of Dan’s favorites and readily recommended by him. I took his advice and that race is now one I am sending birds to. CAUTION: Several of the more popular races are filling fast with the loss of the Shasta Classic.

This year I have bred for a longer range bird by crossing some of my Alex Bieche birds in with my well proven short distance Alias-Alias birds. I will also enter some straight Bieche birds that have done well for me in the distance races at the club level. Only time will tell if I made the right pairings this year.

Life is short but made much more enjoyable when you have pigeons to race.


Wayne Klein                                                     wayne_k_546@yahoo.com

Churn Creek Loft




Tomorrow, November 16, 2014 closes out my One Loft season for the year. Through no fault of the operators, siblings to the birds listed below were lost in the Shasta and Sierra Classics. That leaves me with two birds in the Southern Belle.

Changing subject matter for a minute, I cannot say enough positive about the operation of the Southern Belle. Shane Phitides ran his first One Loft race with total commitment to the welfare of the birds entrusted to his care. Breeders were very well informed and he made positive changes as he went along. He was not restricted by pre announcing his schedule of races which other operators might want to consider.

With that said, my two birds in the Southern Belle are doing well. 3305 is out of a Tim Skalland cock that was purchased in a five bird kit in 2013. The hen was bred by Jim Miller in Los Molinos, Ca. and is heavy “Rocket” on the father’s side and various “Mattens” on the mother’s side. Jim and I trade young birds back and forth to improve our individual breeding stock. I keep hoping that 3305 kicks in in this last race.

3311 is a different story. If this bird does nothing in the last race it has proved to me that it may be the best bird I will ever own. The father was another bird purchased from Tim Scalland in the five bird kit in 2013. That bird, Alias 164 goes back to double “Rocket” breeding. The mother descends from Grandfathers “Rocket” on the father’s side and “Sure Bet” on the mother’s side and is full sister to the father of 3305.

Obviously I do not adhere to the thinking that discussing these birds might “jinx” their chances tomorrow.

I encourage the reader to check back periodically because the real purpose of this site is to permit me to “self” publish articles that I think might be of interest to the novice breeder. Feel free to contact me by email and I will respond to those that are positive in nature.

Wayne Klein November 15, 2014